Real time strategy medieval sandbox 

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Veil of crows is a sandbox style real-time strategy game set in a chaotic medieval world. From violent, and overtly bloody battles, to completely destructible castles, RPG style hero development, and meaningful interactions with other factions.
Trade, bribe, extort, and destroy your way to world domination! The world of veil of crows remains persistent after you die, so your impact will have a lasting effect on the world even after you fail, or start over. Can you conquer the world and take the throne?


From small skirmishes, to mighty battles.  Combat is hard hitting, violent and chaotic. Fight for your life.


Build and upgrade your castles and villages to unlock new ways to defeat your enemies, and grow your house. Completely customize your units equipment by building an armory!


Exploit the dynamic supply/ demand economy to help fund your effort in taking over the land.  Produce, trade or loot your resources.


Forge alliances, or lie and backstab your way to power. Every action you take will change others opinions of you.


Conduct epic sieges and take the enemy castles by force! Ladders, rams, and catapaults are all at your disposal.


You must train your heroes to deliver bonuses to combat, diplomacy and economy. Keep them safe as they can die just like everyone else.


It's not just the size, it's how you use it! Every type of unit has strengths and weaknesses in combat. Weather, environment and unit momentum comes into play also. Pick your tactics wisely.


You can choose how you run your faction. Do you want to focus on trade? Combat? Or building alliances? 


Just because you might die, doesn't mean your world dies too. Start again and the world will remain as you left it.  




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Kerry Fawdray is an independent game developer and Unity generalist based in Brisbane Australia, who has been working on games since 2012.

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Please post game questions, suggestions or support inquiries to the forums. I am most active on the steam forums. Game keys are always sent directly to through the channel, or keymailer

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